Monday, 9 January 2017

Things You Need To Know To Become A MONEY MAGNET

It is not a lie that people live and die all in the name of money.
Money is motive.Money is tempting.Everybody wants money.
Basically,money rules the world and moves people like puppets.

But have you ever asked yourself what is money?
A peace of paper that man himself  gave a meaning and power.

Is money good or bad?
Money is a peace of paper. Paper does not have such features. Money can ether serve you or you serve money and that is what makes a massive difference.

I don't think money or luxury is a bad something. It put smiles on people's face. I believe in abundance and I think nobody was created and sent to this planet Earth to lack or to suffer.

But why it seems like making enough of money is a mission impossible for so many people?
Most of people work from morning till night just to pay bills and school fees for their children.
They still can't buy everything they wanna buy,or travel where they wanna travel,most even can't afford to eat out or go for drinks every time they feel like.

Hard work is clearly not enough.
So what is then a recipe of wealth?

There is one big illusion in the air : wealthy ones are not doing well simply because they are more fortunate then you.
Wealth is meant for you as well.  Life in abundance is equally meant for all of us.

What will determine the direction of your financial journey is  NOT your ability to save or sacrifice your needs,but your emotion and attitude towards money and your mindset.

There are people that did not have food to eat and faced poverty you will never know about and they are billionaires today.
Wealth is out there,available for everyone.But we don't know that what is blocking our wealth is not the circumstances we find ourselves in,nor people or situations around us.
We do it ourselves with the way we act,feel and think.

Our attitude and beliefs based on fear of lacking we create or adopt from our parents or society in general subconsciously create resistance towards money and that is how we become slaves of poverty mentality without even knowing.

These are FUNDAMENTAL norms that will help you break resistance towards wealth,set you free from poverty mentality slavery and turn you into a money magnet :

- Every single positive change in our lives must start with a feeling of gratitude. In order to attract more you must be thankful for all the amazing things you were already blessed with. Be aware,this is not a clichΓ©.
I have impression that people literally compete with who will complain more every time they get together. Main topics are crises,bad economy,high school fees,rents,hard living and lack of money.
Can't you see how we underestimate our blessings and our constant focus is on things that we don't have?When we forget to be grateful,we become a walking source of negative vibrations and feelings such as anger,frustration,envy,sadness and this kind of energy can never allow all the blessings sent our way breakthrough and reach us.
Words that come out of your mouth are way more powerful then you know: they are tool that we should use to direct and mold our lives. Confess wealth and abundance. not poverty and brokenness.
Poverty mentality exists in complains . Wealthy mind is always grateful,no matter situation.

- In order to change your current situation you must change your predominant emotions when it comes to money. You must turn your worries into expectation. How?
SWITCH YOUR FOCUS FROM WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO WHAT YOU WANT!See it this way: worry is pushing your wealth away. expectation come with a feeling of excitement and comes with happiness and enthusiasm and these are tools that will help you break walls that are blocking your blessings.  In order to get anything in life,including money and material benefits,you must feel good about it. Positive feelings work like magnets. Worry does not make you appear like an responsible adult.It's nothing but a manifestation of doubt and fear. Nothing good ever came out of it. Set yourself free. You always get what you want,don't forget that.

- I have never ever met anyone who lived a good life,a life in abundance by being stingy and at the same time I have never ever met anyone who became poor by giving.
When you don't feel comfortable with spending money,that is not because you are being "rational" or "economical" as you claim my dear. You run away from giving and spending out of FEAR. Fear that you will not have enough. Fear that more will not come your way. Fear that you will lack. Fear that something unpleasant will happen. FEAR!
Stingy people never see themselves as stingy. They see themselves as super wise and they think that is the way to secure future.
I have super stingy people around me as well.Every time they come to visit me they secretly roll their eyes thinking that I am being stupid because I am generous with people that work for me.I know they think that I am lavish and foolish. They are always "broke",things are always "expensive" and they "don't have money for that rubbish" That is all I hear every time we touch money topic.
They hold on to every naira so painfully but to be honest, so far I never noticed that this strategy of "making money" EVER helped them accumulate any wealth or a better living.

The truth is,stingy people live in constant fear. Fear is devil's favorite workshop. Fear means you did not settle for your blessings and that is why you live under the tension.

It is very simple: If you want to invite a life in abundance,you must live according to it!
Giving means you settled for having more then enough. That means you expect more to come your way.
People that are giving don't cling to money so desperately and  that is why they always have,not because they are more fortunate then you are.
Every time you feel like getting worried about your finances,overcome it by giving someone something extra just for the sake of giving and find a joy in it. Yes,you have that much!

- Law of abundance says that there is enough for everyone. You have to understand that just because others are living large that doesn't mean they took something away from you. When you understand that,then go ahead and  thank God for their success because it's an amazing proof to you that it's possible! Isn't that a great source of motivation? A driving force! Poverty mentality feeds with envy and jealousy,bad intentions and bad wishes. Poverty mentality also tend to makes us discredit other's testimonies  ("How many guys she slept with for that house?" ,"She has no talent,it's all connection"/"He is nothing but a scammer ").
If you catch yourself thinking this way,subconsciously or consciously,that means you should change your attitude immediately because this current one  will never help you get rich. Poverty mentality keeps us no where else but in poverty and a world of lacking because it drains us with meaningless distractions and wrong focus.
Stop blocking your wealth. Give others credit for their success. Stop looking for what is wrong about their ways and open yourself to learn about what is right about their moves,strategies and mindset. Wealthy mind does not waist energy on hatred and envy .Wealthy mind is focused on learning new things and upgrading his hustle.

- We live in society where begging and asking for money and things is almost a hobby and I am not even talking about street beggars only. The moment people around you assume you make more then they do ,by default they must come and ask for one thing or another. "What do you have for me" and "give me something na" everywhere you turn to,from total strangers all way to the family members.
Poverty mentality turns people into scrubs and scrubs can ever live a life in abundance.
Wealthy mindsets will help you attract generous people and acts, fortunate situations and amazing opportunities your way and you will never lack because you have acknowledged yourself as powerful source of wealth and fortune and by being a scrub you shut the door of wealth in your life down  : you acknowledge others as a source of wealth while you collect the small pieces they decide to dash you out.
We are more powerful then you know.
Everything begins and ends in our mind.
So does wealth.
Conquer your mind and the world is yours


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