Wednesday, 15 March 2017

What To Do When He Doesn't Call/Text?

You keep staring at that damn phone. Every 3 seconds you are anxiously checking if you,by any chance,missed a message or a call. Then it finally rings.. Nahh,it's just an annoying friend,or annoying mom. Or the rest of annoying world .

Is he really into me?But things were so smooth last time you met your wonder guy. You can't even assume that he doesn't like you. How can that even be? He was so sweet to you..

Confusion. Wanders. Million thoughts in one minute passing through your head. Different voices telling you different things. Insomnia,tension,anxiety,butterflies in your belly..Will this ever be over?

I don't think there is a girl in this planet earth that did not go through this kind of "torture" at least once in her lifetime (including Beyonce o),possibly several times.
No matter how awesome,funny,pretty and intelligent you are,for some reason,there will always be a time you would feel totally-well... Unnoticed.

What is a natural next step each and every of us goes through ?

We look for justification.
Oh maybe something happened to him.
He must be very busy.
Stress at work.
He is maybe not feeling fine.

Then we call.
Then text.
Then call again.

Chasing a guy? Me? No way!
Here you go: how many times you have found yourself doing silly things you thought you would never do? Pride? What pride? Lol

Let me be honest with you:
The best thing to do is to just ignore the whole situation,no matter how difficult that might seem at the moment.

Rule number 1: stop looking for excuses on his behalf. Common.
If you are in someone's mind and heart,it simply can't be hidden. I doubt there is some super natural force that is stopping him from reaching out to you. Let's face it sisters:It's normally just a lack of interest.

Restless soul.
Thoughts Round 2:  "What a heck! Maybe I need to "push things" small. We are in 21st century."

It makes sense,right? Now you feel more comfortable to call again. Text. Then call one "last" time. Network issues..maybe?Well, you get your replies here and there. Casually. Kind of "Lol","cool","sup" etc.
Then he hits you with "Ok babe " . Cloud nine! " He just said babe.This is it!". You feel like he just proposed. Then you go back to read that same message over and over again. He said "ok babe".BABE!

Holluuup Love!
Read my blog posts frequently ,it will give you strength to ignore what needs to be ignored. Lol
In my very personal opinion,supported with my very personal experience,I don't think you should go after any guy. Even if he is the most richest,most handsome dude ever.

Man is a nature born hunter. When he wants a woman,he goes after woman,and that's the only way things feels right.
Even if your "pushing" pushes you guys a mile forward,how long do you intend pushing? Isn't that exhausting?
You should know your worth and value so well to know that you are a jackpot "to be won" & blessing and with such attitude you won't have time for someone who seem not to see that clearly. You really have nothing to prove. Your awesomeness is obvious,trust me.

You are a woman and deep inside you crave to feel like one which would be impossible if you keep forcing yourself to someone who should be the one trying to win you.

Secondly,remember,there are two types of people in this world:
Ones would talk to you in their free time,and some would free their time to talk to you. Keep that in your mind ,it would make your "ignore mission" perhaps SELECTION way easier.

Gradually,I have learnt how to feel so important about myself (not when it comes to my fellow ladies)  when it comes to men to the point where I totally cured myself from a need to justify someone's "casual" attitude towards me. (Well,now it doesn't really matter because I am not single but I'm just saying).
If you feel you are not getting a right kind of feedback from a guy,tell yourself "if we were meant to be,he will find me again " and leave the matter.
It is very important for us ,as women, to learn how to stay loyal to our standards and that is also a way to protect yourself from being treated poorly by your partner in future.

Chin up sugar.

You are more then enough,just the way you are.


  1. Just what i needed to hear! Thanks!

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  10. Bless u. U are a real woman ,see how u look after other girls u don't even know personally. U look after our dignity . U teach us self love n self respect . God bless you Sonia. You have changed my life. And I'm so sure you touched lives of so many young girls that had no clue of what self love and self value is about bcs no one ever taught them. You are my mentor

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  15. Thank u so much. This is wat am suffering now but with dis I will pass tru it.

  16. Thank u so much. This is wat am suffering now but with dis I will pass tru it.

  17. Story of my life.. But this article helped me see things differently for d first time of my life! Im so amazed

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  24. Just what I needed. Thanks Sonia.

  25. Just what I needed. Thanks Sonia.

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