Saturday, 6 May 2017

A Bright Future After Shameful Past?

So many people run away from their past. They are ashamed. They feel like some life choices from God knows when would destroy their reputation,chase away important people from their lives or ruin their future in general.

The truth is you get labeled real quick in this our society like no one has ever sinned before. Everyone holier then thou.

But must your past affect your future?

Let me tell you straight up as an imperfect sinner that I am and that you are : you have absolute right not to be the same person you were yesterday.

I will start from myself: Sonia from 2014,2010,2008 is not the same Sonia typing this for you. It's like we are talking about different people.

You would  simply not do/settle/agree with everything the very same you did even a year ago. And guess what? That's absolutely fine!
A wise man said once:The only constant thing in this world is change. 

Do we work this hard and go through everything we do to stay the same?
Hell no.

I feel like there were so many different people living inside this same body of mine. People with different mindsets,habits,ideas.My life philosophy changed. My ways changed. So many times.
You have right to change your features or anything else about you when you understand that it does not work for your best interest anymore. 
Am I ashamed of all the Sonia's I have met for past 26 years of my life? No. I made a peace with them because all of them had a powerful impact on the person I am proudly today. I have learned how to love and appreciate my past despite the fact that I could as well be ashamed of it. All the experiences and life choices I have made,no matter how wrong,right or shameful they are built this Sonia you know. How precious is that?

Maya Angelou once said: "When you know better,you do better".
It is actually as simple as that. So many times we just don't know. How to know? From where? Experience is the teacher. That is where wisdom comes from. It was not installed in our hearts from the very first day we were brought into this world. Period. We don't always know,but we learn.
And that is just fine my love.

The change we face is nothing but a proof of growth and that is why it's very wrong to discredit your past by being ashamed of it or running away from it.

For sure,not everyone will like the fact that you are growing bigger,wiser,stronger because  it will change your level to the point it passes their own.

"Look at her forming ......... till yesterday she used to....." blah.
"I know this one from way before,the way he was............smh"
"I used to see her doing.........who does she think she is now"

 That is the reason why they become angry and that is the time when they will try and use "embarrassing dirt" from your past against you so they can feel better about themselves and stagnation they face. Clearly,that has absolutely nothing to do with their "morals" or what so every they tend to hide under. When they start talking about who you "used" to be it is because they fear who you are about to become. 

That is why you should not allow it to discourage you and sabotage your growth. Don't ever let it happen.
That is why it's always the best to make a peace with your past even though you might not be the same person anymore.Because what you embrace can never be used against you.

No matter what happened a year,5 or 10 years ago,you deserve the greatness a future can bring.You deserve that change and your past is just a result of you not knowing everything you know today.

Be grateful for it.

Sky is your starting point.

Love you!


  1. wisdom wisdom wisdom too much wisdom !

  2. It has been long I set my eyes on something this refreshing. Thank you Sonia

  3. i admire u so much ma thnx 4 dis write up. u hve no idea hw much dis means to me . u bring me hope

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  5. Just what I needed gbam gbam

  6. I want to give you a name " matumaini" and it means hope in my language (swahili) bcz that is what u give us. Allah will bless u richly,Tanzania luvs u

  7. u are a disgrace sonia plus u are not pretty at all very ugly thing

    1. This is unbelievable. No matter how good you do or how pure ur intention is,hater will always hate. shame on u

    2. wtf r u normal?

    3. Why so angry!?

  8. Ur wisdom is a gift from God. thanks for sharing i am sure u just encouraged thousands of women and men to dare and change their lives no matter what n who they used to be. U are doing a very good job my dear

  9. dont mind ignorant and bitter individuals

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  11. My mindset has totally changed after reading this. Bless u

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  13. i see ppl writing bullshit again. dont mind them pls

  14. Very motivating !

  15. Thank you sis. This was really helpful. Much love my roll model

  16. This is absolutely brilliant.


  18. future generations of girls and women will know about u ,u are a game changer. toppp

  19. beauty and brains...and booty

  20. Spot on Lady Sonia! We hail thee.

    And...just go through the posts yourselves. Although they'll be sharing just 400 naira worth of airtime just for your little articles or opinion. LADIES ONLY please. Married and unmarried. thanks the post link==

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